Plastic Frame Clips
Plastic Frame Clips

Plastic Frame Clips

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    • Clip Material:     High Strength Molded Plastic
    • For Use With:    3/4" x 3/4" x 1/8" angle iron frames
    • For Use With:    Sign panels up to 1/8" thick


Installation Instructions

  1. Position sign panel in sign frame
  2. Push open end of clip over edge of sign frame to secure the clip and the sign to the frame

Black plastic frame clips are an excellent alternative to nuts & bolts for securing sign panels to real estate sign frames. Unlike nuts and bolts that require tools to assemble, black plastic frame clips simply snap in place to secure sign panels to real estate sign frames. Also, nuts & bolts have a tendency to rust which can cause ugly stains running down the face of sign panels.  Our black plastic frame clips won’t rust which eliminates the potential for streaks on your sign panels.        

The number of black plastic frame clips required to secure sign panels to sign frames depends on the type of sign material used.  Light weight, flexible sign panels may require more clips to secure panels in place.  We recommend at least one clip on the top and both sides of the sign frame to secure the main panel and one clip each side to secure rider panel(s).

Removing black plastic frame clips to change out real estate sign panels is a snap.  Simply push the clip off the edge of the sign frame to remove.  And, since the clips are plastic, you’ll never have to worry about removing nuts & bolts that can rust in place.



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